Waste Recycling Conveyors

A selection of large, heavy-duty waste management conveyors

heavy-duty recycling conveyor
Heavy duty waste recycling conveyor
heavy-duty recycling conveyor
Used to transport waste from a factory to a compressor/baling machine
heavy-duty recycling conveyor
Installed on site

baling conveyor
A dual unit, in moody grey/black
Outood conveyor matrix
A large indoor/outdoor matrix of conveyors feeding a huge compressor/baling unit (green)
Small paper baling conveyor
A small waste conveyor for transporting cardboard and paper into a baling machine, used in a Council recycling centre

Pit Conveyors

A conveyor. In a pit !
These allow forklift trucks or dumper trucks to sweep waste directly onto the conveyor.

Pit Conveyor
A pit conveyor for Chelmsford county council
Pit Conveyor
"Drive In" conveyor loading
Large Pit Conveyor
A large indoor pit conveyor

Forklift trucks feeding pit conveyor
The conveyor is fed by forklift trucks, which simply push bales of waste paper into the conveyor
Lorry directly unloading onto pit conveyor
This smaller facility in Nottingham can drive its collection trucks straight up to the pit conveyor

Smaller conveyors

Lightweight recycling conveyor
A very small recycling conveyor for lightweight (low volume) paper
Light-to-medium duty recycling conveyor
A small-to-medium size recycling conveyor
Lightweight recycling conveyor
Detail shot of overhead emergency stop pull-cords
Lightweight recycling conveyor
Detail shot showing belt, end-roller and drive chain/sprocket
Lightweight recycling conveyor
Detail shot showing tensioning arrangement

Integrated System

This was an interesting project; a modular "flyaway" system for recycling passenger waste from aircraft

Modular recycling platform
An integrated recycling platform
Raised operator platform
A raised operator platform, whereby operators removed items from the conveyor, and dropped them down the relevant chute.
Raised operator platform
The network of conveyors keeps the waste circulating until it is picked off, whilst also allowing new waste to be added
Magnetic Overband
The loop includes a magnetic overband and an eddy-current seperator to automatically screen out - and store - ferrous metals and aluminium tins